It is recommended to consume at least 70 ml per day (equal to half a glass) pure or diluted. After opening, keep in the fridge and consume within 15 days During the first few days of taking the infusion, you may notice small ailments of various kinds, such as headaches, boils, rashes on the epidermis, worsening of dermatitis or psoriasis, fatigue, intestinal discharge, colds, nausea, etc.

It is a desirable reaction, which denotes the detoxification action performed by our body. This reaction, known as the Jarish-Herxheimer reaction, occurs when large amounts of toxins are stirred up in the body and gradually eliminated. The intensity of the reaction reflects the intensity of the inflammation present. This reaction lasts a few days, during which it is possible to double the infusion dose if you want to speed up the purification or reduce it if you want to make the reaction less obvious.

What is Olife?

Olife is a unique food supplement. It is made from the leaves of the olive tree which, as you well know, have particular beneficial properties. In fact, although the olive tree is mainly appreciated for its fruits, ie olives, and for the oil it produces, some of our ancestors had long ago realized that the true potential of the plant was not in the fruits, but in the leaves.

Our grandparents, for example, used to prepare “homemade” decoctions of olive leaves, and take them to get better. Obviously no one today prepares these infusions more at home, also because with the DIY it would risk altering the intrinsic properties of the leaves. By the way: have you ever thought about why, although today there is an abundance of olive trees, are there very few companies that produce olive leaf infusions?

I explain the reason to you very simply: because production is very difficult. In fact, as mentioned earlier, the risk of altering the molecules and active ingredients contained in olive leaves is high.

Only one man and his company succeeded in the enterprise. Pesle and his dream How is Olife born? It all started on the island of Cyprus. A man, Livio Pesle, went to this island years ago and came into contact with a doctor. He told him how his grandfather had treated many people thanks to “decoctions of olive leaves”. This made Pesle very curious, so much so that he decided to look into it. His goal was to make the fantastic benefits of olive leaves available to everyone.

Researches and tests and experiments were conducted to prepare infusions and decoctions with a pleasant taste but which at the same time maintained the beneficial properties of the leaves. But it is only in recent times that Pesle has succeeded in its intent by patenting OLIVUM®, the aqueous extract of olive leaves. Since then Pesle, together with his family, founded the Italian company
Evergreen Life and has started to distribute its OLIVUM® based products to people all over the world. Thanks to a man’s dream, his hard work, and determination, Olife Evergreen was born, the best infusion of olive leaves ever.

Why is Olife a unique product?

There are numerous factors that make Olife Evergreenlife unique.

Here are some of them:

1. Unique and patented extraction methods. Olive leaves contain special molecules that carry numerous benefits to the body. However, if the extraction system or method is invasive and does not meet certain conditions, the active ingredients and the molecules contained in the leaves lose their effectiveness. Olife boasts the best extraction method and allows those who take it to benefit from all the potential contained in olive leaves.

2. Evergreen Life is a 100% Italian company that works with respect for the environment and the nature of our territory.

3. Olife Evergreen is the result of years of studies, research and tests conducted not only by Livio Pesle, but by researchers and scientists from around the world.

4. For the production of our infusion particular olive leaves are selected, all absolutely natural and of certified origin. The leaves come from ancient olive trees, belonging to a special “cultivar” rich in Oleuropein and absolutely free of chemical additives.

5. Olife is certified by the Italian Ministry of Health, which has approved the use and distribution in our country. Olife, the extraordinary infusion of olive leaves!

6. By purchasing through our link the product will be sent directly to your home by courier. Only through this purchase method can you be sure that the product will arrive at your home fresh, well-stocked and at its full potential. In fact, the products purchased through our link are sent directly by the manufacturer, without intermediaries.

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