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Benefits of using a resistance band and its effectiveness

There is this huge misconception about using resistance bands for legs, where people assume that they are only used for stretching. Also if you think all the types of resistance bands are good for your health, then again you are mistaken. Various other things are used during a training session, let us take a brief look at some of these things.

The advantages of using resistance bands for training

  • It lowers the impact, and there is less tension on the muscles and joints
  • It is used in different types of workouts, and also it serves as an alternative to the popular exercises out there
  • It maximizes the healthy stretching, cardio-centric exercises and also helps in the building of muscles

Different types of resistance bands are available, which include some of the following:

  • Lower body bands
  • Upper body bands
  • Rehabilitation bands

Apart from that, the hip circle can be used with the help of which you can perform squats. This circle is adjusted just above the knee. You can perform your body weight squats or warm – up sets as usual, while the bands will pull your knees in. Also using a hip band will make sure you can perform your exercises without much pain and trouble. It will make sure your hip is in the right position.


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